The Localife Edmonton leaders got a little creative with their latest recap, and you can’t miss it.

As a group we enjoyed a bonfire, ate fantastic meals, laughed, made art, and took amazing walks along tree-lined trails. We talked about cancer and so much more because we are so much more than our diagnoses. We have lives that are full and terrifying and uniquely our own.

Christmas is still about watching an excited child opening presents on Christmas morning, it’s still being with family, it is still me having a turkey dinner with the in-laws (and then having another one with my parents!). We may have slowed down a little bit, but that’s ok.

Take the time this holiday to look back and find new things to do this year, and don’t be afraid to make the changes you want to.

Zoolights at the Calgary Zoo has been a Localife Calgary hit in past years, so we hosted it again!

Localife Vancouver hosted coffee talk on a brisk but clear Tuesday night in December where 11 people gathered in a cozy room at a local coffee shop.

On December 5, 2014, Localife Ottawa decided to end the first half of its third year with the third annual Pizza and Games night. In TV terms, this was our mid-season finale — and boy, was it ever a good one!

Hannakuh is just getting started, Christmas is around the bend, and then we’ll say sayonara to all that was 2014. Some of us at YACC HQ are definitely those last-minute shoppers you hear so much about, and we’re willing to bet we’re not alone, so we’re here with some ideas to help you find great gifts for young adults affected by cancer and caregivers alike!

Are you a young adult cancer survivor who would like to have input on improving follow-up care for future cancer patients? If yes, we have a great opportunity to help improve the current system.

Nightwood Theatre in Toronto is working on a new show called HER2 which follows seven women as they participate in a new breast cancer drug clinical trial.