As the beginning of a new year is rife with reflection and affirmation and good intentions, it seems like a great time to remind our community and supporters why we’re here, and why we’re going to push a little harder in 2016.

We’ve covered YACC 1.0 and 2.0, and now we’re ready to get into YACC 3.0. Despite our success to date, our revenue per diagnosis is 5-10 times lower than other groups in the Canadian cancer community. We’ve done a lot, but we need a lot of help to be able to do a lot more. […]

The web is most often the first point of contact, and the next step in connecting with our community used to be a four-day retreat, adventure, or conference. It is a huge leap with a ton of risks, and it’s a wonder anyone comes!

The first five years of YACC—YACC 1.0—can be summed in three words: start, focus, do.

Starting YACC was largely driven by three factors; my desire to use my experience to help others, my need to process what I had just experienced by doing something with it and my reality that I likely wouldn’t get the next 60 years to make my impact. I had to make an impact now and hopefully I could build something that would outlive me.

Back in 1998, when I was 22 years old, I had just graduated from university and was starting the rest of my life when I passed out in the middle of a party. Three days later, I was diagnosed with leukemia.