10 things you should tell your caregiver

Bullet journaling through brain fog (Part 3)

By Elise Bonder Mastering your basic bullet journal is easy, and there is no shame at leaving it at that. But, if you’re the kind of person who likes to wander through art and craft stores, read on! Part 3 of my bullet journal series is all about my favourite hacks and tools that make…

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Bullet journaling through brain fog (Part 2)

By Elise Bonder For the second post in this series, I want to get into why, why, why I bullet journal. The fog is thick—I mean THICK—in this brain of mine. Surgery and chemo and surgery and chemo and surgery some more have left my memory, time management, and processing sub-par. At heart (and pre-cancer),…

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Bullet journaling through brain fog (Part 1)

Elise said, “I know that many of you are like me — forgetful, unaware of time, distracted and frustrated that nothing seems to keep your brain in order. In the electronic world, we are so quick to want an app to solve these problems but I’ve found that old-school is working better than anything else. I bullet journal.”

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Instagram takeover with @daniyells89

Our latest guest ‘grammer was Dani Taylor (@daniyells89). Dani’s takeover shows how she navigates life as a twenty-something with colorectal cancer, classes, volunteer commitments, and everything else young adults deal with.

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Part 3: Moving forward

Krystal Anderson explains her thoughts and actions after being diagnosed with cancer in this three part series.

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Instagram takeover with @beast_strong_nation

Our seventh guest ‘grammer is Krystal Anderson (@beast_strong_nation). Krystal’s takeover showed how she handles the psychosocial effects of cancer, manages her family life, and shares the results from a recent scan.

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