There is no right answer on how you are supposed to grieve the loss of someone. This is the first death of a family member since my diagnosis, since connecting with YACC, and I didn’t expect it to be this hard this soon.

Cancer changed my life, but it also changed the lives of everyone close to me.

By Heather Bonynge Five years ago, my life changed forever. Similar to the day I was told I had cancer, I didn’t know exactly what was going to come next but I knew as soon as I walked into the ballroom of my first YACC conference in November 2011, my life would never be the […]

“Although the face of grief can be very different for all of us, there is one question that seems to be the same no matter what type of loss or hardship you are experiencing: How do we move past it?”

“I have been plodding forward for the past few months, head down, eyes on the ground focused solely on what needed to be done in all the different roles I play in my life. Don’t get me wrong, those roles are important, but along that journey, I forgot and lost sight of the most important role I play in my life: ME.”

“Since being diagnosed with cancer and becoming connected with YACC in 2011, I have lost a lot of people; it comes part in parcel with being linked with this community. Even though most of us know this going in, and accept it in part because the gains outweigh the losses, doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. “

Submitted photo By Heather Bonynge Valentine’s Day: It is still so close in our rear view mirrors that many of us still have LOVE on the brain. I personally do not celebrate the commercialized side of Valentine’s Day. I do, however, recognize the day much for the sake of my seven-year-old daughter, but also because […]

So here we are, three weeks into 2016 and over the past few weeks, I have found myself thinking, “What do I do now that I seem to have accomplished all of my goals, and I am living the life I love?”

By Heather Bonynge Two of the questions I am most commonly asked as a cancer survivor is, “How did you feel when you were first told you had cancer?” and “What was the first thing you did after you were told you had cancer?” As I sit here writing this on the evening of my […]

I now have the strength, spirit, and support of a community that has and will carry me through any type of terrain I encounter as I continue along my path. I’ll worry less about my destination, and more about the people and the moments I share along the way.