All Jamie ever wanted was to be a police officer. Since joining the RCMP, she’s been diagnosed with cancer three times. Watch this video to learn what her job looks like today, and where she hopes to go.

Jamie is an RCMP CST with a passion for boxing, camping, quadding, travelling, being a super mom, playing with her dog, music, soulful conversation, tight hugs, cooking, comfortable silence, party planning, and anything else that gets her heart racing.

It was almost too obvious to ask JP Savard to send us something for the February message; of course he made us all swoon with this message about his wife, Jamie Carswell.

Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) brought 170 members of the YACC community together in a new and exciting way on November 30, 2013. The Big Cancer Hook-up created a nationwide networking opportunity for young people who are dealing with cancer diagnoses.

The Big Cancer Hook-up is coming your way at the end of November, and we wanted to introduce you to our exciting panelists to get you thinking about the discussion and any questions you may have!