Localife Calgary’s pool party went swimmingly

Looking For a Localife Leader in Toronto!

Do you love planning events? Do you live in/near Toronto? Are you interested in taking Localife to the next level? Here’s everything you need to know! Localife brings young adult cancer survivors and supporters together for fun activities and social events with their cancer peers. It was developed by Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) to…

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Thank you, Nicole and Chris!

Localife Toronto has been lucky to have our amazing Nicole Furey and her incredible supporter, Chris Dunne, as two of Toronto’s “Three’s Company” for two incredible years. But the time has come for them to step down.

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Localife Winnipeg gets dressed up!

On July 17, Localife Winnipeg got fancy and had a very lovely evening at the Indulge Bistro & Wine Bar. Everyone looked stunning, and we had a great turnout with 15 survivors and supporters coming out! Throughout the evening, we were served some very delectable charcuterie and cheese, canapés, hors d’oeuvre and dainties. It was…

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Localife St. John’s had a whale of a time in Bay Bulls!

For our large event this year, Localife St. John’s got off the island and went for a boat tour in beautiful Bay Bulls! In true Newfoundland fashion, we started off with a drizzly and foggy July day for our boat tour, but that didn’t put a damper on the fun! Eighteen survivors and supporters (and…

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Meet our newest Localife leaders!

YACC is so excited to announce new Localife leaders! Julie and Melina will lead Calgary, Mandy is pairing up with Pam in Edmonton, Chris OFFICIALLY becomes the third leader in Toronto, Stephanie is joining forces with Kelly in St. John’s, and Sara will be Hannah’s counterpart in Vancouver! We are excited to have you all…

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