On Sunday, September 24, 2017, over 120 Canadians took to the (sloped) streets in St. John’s, Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto for the 18th Annual Climb.

We’ve had another tough run at YACC this year, losing amazing people in our community like Justin, Megan, Stephenie, Jody, and others. I’m climbing in memory of them, and to give YACC more resources to help their cancer brothers and sisters.

On Sunday, September 25, 2016, 223 people participated in the 17th Annual YACC Climb at events held in St. John’s, Ottawa, the GTA, Hamilton, and Saskatoon.

“My first Climb wasn’t a climb, it was a five-step walk from my hospital bed to a couch in the family room.”

We are already well on our way to making the 2016 Climb another unforgettable event with over 100 people signed up to Climb in five Canadian cities and over $16,000 raised so far! High five!

We can’t change the lives of young adults dealing with cancer alone, and we challenge you not to, either!

Register to Climb as a team captain and invite your friends, family members, coworkers, bootcamp buddies, rec leagues, social media followers, classmates, crushes, neighbours, pets, and strangers to Climb with you!

The Climb is coming back for its 16th year on September 25, 2016, but do you know where it all started?

I now have the strength, spirit, and support of a community that has and will carry me through any type of terrain I encounter as I continue along my path. I’ll worry less about my destination, and more about the people and the moments I share along the way.

We are climbing for YACCers like Jody and the 49,000 other young adults dealing with cancer who don’t know the power YACC—yet. Fundraising events like the Climb power YACC’s programs; there is no connection, no transformation without them. And we’d love to have you join us.

There are just three necessary actions to hold a Climb: find something to climb, raise money, climb it.

If that’s all you do, you get a huge high five. However, if you feel like taking it a couple of steps further, here are five ways you can kick it up!