I attended the Young Adult Cancer Canada Survivor Conference, and to say my life is forever changed is only the tip of the iceberg.

We hope you are getting excited for Survivor Conference 2018: Crush Cancer! Take a look at what your social committee has put together for you!

Close to half of the people who applied for this event have never been to one of YACC’s national four-day face-to-face events. With over 150 applications received to date, that means 75 people had the courage to reach out and apply to an event hosted by a group of strangers.

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you your 2018 social committee.The Survivor Conference social committee fills in the program gaps with fun to maximize your feelings of connection and sense of community. Meet the eight YACCers who have stepped up this year! Here is a little welcome message from the team: “This year, […]

We’re opening five extra Survivor Conference spaces thanks to the dedicated fundraising of awesome YACCers behind the Survivor Conference Expansion Pack! HUGE thank yous to everyone who signed up, sent out their fundraising links, got a little — or a lot — creative with their efforts, and made sure as many as possible will be at […]

It is a privilege to be doing a job that I love with people I love and for people I love.

Localife St. John’s headed to the famous O’Reilly’s Pub on George St. on a Friday in May.

Localife Edmonton went to Schanks for some bowling and billiards on April 29.

On April 20, 2018, Localife Winnipeg headed to Academy West Bowling Lanes for a night of 10 pin glow bowling.

I am excited to share  news on our keynote speaker! Ms. Andrea Warnick (RN, MA, Registered Psychotherapist) will deliver a keynote address called “Good Grief: Juggling Life’s Joys and Sorrows.”