Take the first step toward postive action by taking part in this survey

PhD student Anthony Turner sent us the following request for participation in his research. Read on, and then feel free to take a few minutes to submit some info! Research like this helps health professionals tailor various treatment plans for young adults dealing with cancer, so your feedback is important!

How do we get more people to take positive action on issues that directly impact Canadians affected by cancer?


University of British Columbia PhD student Anthony Turner is leading research to help answer that question, and if you are a Canadian directly affected by cancer, he’d like to have your help! Don’t worry, your part won’t take too long (typically under 30 minutes), you can do it at your convenience, and you can even do it without leaving home! You’ll just share your thoughts and opinions in a confidential online survey. No medical information is collected.

Although everyone’s willingness to help is appreciated, participation in this particular study is limited to people age 19 and older who currently live in Canada and who have been diagnosed with any form of cancer (be it currently active or in remission). We will be very grateful to all who can participate.

As thanks for your time and effort in helping us out, those who complete the survey will receive a ten dollar shopping credit for a major online retailer or a ten dollar donation credit for canadahelps.org (a service that allows you to donate to the registered charity of your choice). You also have the option instead to have a ten dollar anonymous donation made to the BC Cancer Foundation in your honor to help fund leading-edge research by the BC Cancer Agency.


Please note that slots are limited to the first 70 people to complete the survey and each person can complete the survey only once.

Further information about this project, which has been approved by the UBC Research Ethics Board, is provided at the beginning of the survey. After reviewing that information, if you have additional questions or concerns, or if you need assistance with the survey, please contact Anthony:

R. Anthony Turner, PhD Student

Research Project Coordinator

Email: anthony.turner@sauder.ubc.ca

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ranthony.turner

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