Tell your friends about Retreat Yourself

February 21, 2011


Are you interested in attending Retreat Yourself and want to tell your friends about it? Have you attended before and would like to spread the word to more young adults diagnosed with cancer? Email them the Retreat Yourself poster, post it on your website, or contact us and we’ll send you some to post where people who need this program will see them.

Canada is a big country and reaching out to all the young adults out there is a challenge. We say it often, but too many people don’t know about YACC and what we do.

We get emails every week from young adults who have just found our website and felt connected by reading profiles or an interesting article. We want to reach more and more of those young survivors all over.

Retreat Yourself is a wonderful opportunity for those who just found YACC to get connected on a deeper level with the organization and the community.

So wherever you are, if you have a minute to print a few posters and post them where you think they can help, that would be so great. You are a survivor and you have an appointment at the cancer centre, bring a few with you and give those to a social worker or a nurse. You are a professional working with this population, print some and post those on bulletin boards or even better, email the poster to any group you know could help or benefit.

We want to make sure young adults with cancer can access all the information we have to offer and can benefit from this amazing experience.

Click on this link for the PDF verson of the poster: PDF and email if you would like some physical posters. Please include your mailing address and the number of posters you would like.

We already have 12 survivors registered but still have plenty of spaces to fill.

Thank you for your help and for encouraging others to try this program!

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