Terrific preteens Shave for the Brave

November 19, 2009

“Well, he did it! And he feels really good about it!”

These are the words of 12-year old Alex Cosentino’s mother, Lucy Crisetig-Cosentino, right off the top of her email to me yesterday. The day before, her son and his good friend, Jordan Cordeiro, also 12, had both shaved their heads in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) and we couldn’t be more proud! We are honoured that they chose to donate the funds they raised to our organization in our mission to support young adults with cancer.

The boys showed tremendous motivation and enthusiasm before the event. After proudly wearing his I’m Shaving for the Brave! button around school for a few days, Alex even drummed up some interest among his peers which is how Jordan became involved. Then, both boys shaved this past Monday (November 16) in their hometown of Meadowvale, ON, with the help of Jennifer Hawkins, owner of Hands on Hair.




Alex decided to Shave for the Brave because he wanted to help young people living with and surviving cancer. He also wanted the event to be a tribute to his grandfather, who passed away from cancer.

We were excited to learn that some local media covered the event. Both The Mississauga News and Snap North Mississauga were in attendance. Read their articles here: Teens Shave Their Heads for Cancer and Shave for the Brave.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS are in order for both boys as their own initiative allowed them to raise $900+ for the cause! One small child even donated a generous $10 from her piggy bank!

Alex and Jordan are an inspiration to us and others. Additional thanks to Alex’s mom, Lucy, as well as Jennifer at Hands on Hair. You helped these two wonderful boys to achieve their goal and your support of YACC is truly appreciated.

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