Thank you for another walk to remember

July 15, 2015

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It was a beautiful, sunny day for the 15th Annual Darryl Gorman Memorial Walk on July 4, 2015—as usual.

“To the best of my memory I can only think of one year that the sun was not shining since I began attending the walk,” said Krista Gorman, one of the event’s organizers.

Organizers say approximately 50 people made it out to Holyrood, NL—a slightly lower attendance than previous years. Some of the regular participants couldn’t make it out as they were working that Saturday, but a few more people did make it out for the social at the Legion, Branch 64 afterward.

Even more than a fundraising event, the walk is a celebration of Darryl’s life and continues to unite his network year after year. Bridget Hynes, another of the event’s organizers, says her favourite part of the event this year was seeing Darryl’s friends walking with their own children.

The $5,000 raised this year will go a long way toward helping young adults affected by cancer connect with a supportive community at the upcoming Retreat Yourself Adventure on the west coast of the province in September. The event’s running total is now over $70,000!

The group hopes to hold the event again in 2016, but acknowledges it’s a lot of work to organize. They need to apply for permits and secure locations and get prizes donated for participants. But all of those obstacles can be overcome with the right help, so feel free to reach out and get involved with events that benefit causes close to you.

“Lots of help makes light work,” said Bridget.

Big thank you to Krista and Bridget, and all of Darryl’s family and friends who continue to hold this event. We hope to see a few new faces on the team next year, and we look forward to making it one of the best yet!

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