That’s a wrap!

August 20, 2012


Awesome afternoon, even if soaking wet.”

The first Retreat Yourself Adventure program is over and Karine said it best:

“Retreat Yourself Adventure 2012 is close to an end. Today was about dreams. Boat tour in the rain with a bunch of troopers. Nothing would keep this group from having fun.

“Thanks for the heartfelt closing circle, the talent and the laughter. Tomorrow will be our last breakfast together (huuummm fish cakes). I’m already looking forward to reconnecting and tweeting…What an amazing experience. My heart is full. Thank you again.”

Geoff also had a couple of nice things to say to clue everything up:


“Closing circle, rock exchange, take home message, all done, banner signing in progress, talent show to come!”

“Super fantastic retreat, BIG thanks to NL Gov for their leadership on the YA cancer issue, and support of YACC–I’m now on vacation!”

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