The 2nd annual Surge for Cancer raises $25,000!

October 9, 2013


Surge 1

SURGE for CANCER is a fun three-hour fitness event where teams of six take turns completing the seven-station SURGE circuit in a relay. Activities include push-ups, rope slams, box jumps, burpees, and more, and the second annual event took place at Max in St. John’s on October 5, 2013.

“I guess you could say that the Surge for Cancer concept started about a decade ago when I was in high school at Prince of Wales Collegiate. Geoff [Eaton] was just starting RealTime Cancer and worked with our Enterprise class to help launch the concept. Ever since then, I have wanted to work with Geoff and help support the amazing work that YACC is doing in Canada,” said Peter Barbour, director of wellness at Max.

“Geoff and I met up a little over a year ago and had a chat about Max could get involved with YACC and the Surge for Cancer concept was born!”

This year’s event was a huge success! Eighty-five participants pushed their bodies to the limit at the three-hour fitness event and raised over $25,000 to help young adults deal with cancer in Canada!

The weary muscles didn’t have long to rest, however, as an after party was held at Club One on the famous George Street in St. John’s. HITS FM’s Brian Bradley, Keliegh Butt, and Sarah Kettle hosted the event which featured live music from Don-E Coady, Melanie O’Brien, and The Hallidays featuring Lucas Coady.

Thank you to the participants; donors; MAX; Peter Barbour, Joni Barbour, Matthew Pyne, and Erin Brennan of the SURGE Committee; after-party performers; and our sponsors: Club One, Labatt’s, Oliver’s, Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca, and Steele Communications!

Surge 2

Geoff tells the crowd more about YACC and the purpose behind the event before things get started.


Surge 3


Surge 4

The warm-up.


Surge 5


Surge 6

Let’s go!


Surge 8

Wall balls at station 1.


Surge 9

Push-ups at station 2.


Surge 10


Surge 11


Surge 12

Rope slams at station 3.


Surge 13


Surge 14

Box jumps at station 4.


Surge 15


Surge 16

This member of “Fifty Shades Of Awesome” didn’t even need his wings to take on the tall box!


Surge 17

Members of “Krisini’s” cheer on their teammates.


Surge 18

Burpees at station 5.


Surge 19

There were a lot of smiling faces, but it was no cake walk!


Surge 20

Squat presses at station 6.


Surge 21


Surge 22

This member of “The Cancinerators” look serious here, but he crossed the finish line with a flourish every time!


Surge 23

The 99.1 HITS FM “Steele Magnolias” were great sports all day!


Surge 24

A member of “The SURGically Enhanced Six” works the agility ladder at station 7.


Surge 25


Surge 26


Surge 27


Surge 28

The circuit.


Surge 29

Peter Barbour of MAX motivates the crowd.


Surge 30

Go! Go! Go!


Surge 31


Surge 32

Members of “The Piatto Meatballs” check out the scoreboard.


Surge 33


Surge 34

“Fifty Shades of Awesome” impressed us by keeping their masks, sparkly wings, shiny compression sleeves on all day!


Surge 35

We loved the “Kristini’s” tutus!


Surge 36

The “Muddy Duckers” went so hard, they had to write their number on some of their shirts!


Surge 37

“Six Beavers Are Better Than One” were the top fundraising team of the day with $3,450!


Surge 38

“Steele Magnolias” won the most spirited award! They were twirling along the agility ladders, taunting their competitors, cheering on their teammates, and OWNING the circuit!


Surge 39

The members of “SURGE for RIDGE 2.0” had smiles on their faces every time they crossed the finish line!


Surge 40

“Your Pace or Mine?” had a great cheering section, and it paid off; they tied “The Lunchtime Loonies” with 110 laps for the most laps of the day!

Thanks to Amanda Vallis and MAX Fitness and Conditioning Centre for the photos; visit their Facebook page for more!

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