The importance of understanding from peer supporter Shannon

July 21, 2011

imageOne of the great things about Retreat Yourself is it is so much more than you expect: people who you’ve just met who have like minds, the beautiful food, the head nodding of understanding while you speak. It’s such a relief to talk with a group of people that understand you–really understand you.

My husband and I attended Retreat Yourself last year and we met so many people that we now call our friends. Even though we are all very busy we still manage to stay connected and support each other.

I really loved the mix of creative time, down time, fun time, and social time. It was very obvious that the YACC organizers put a lot of time and thought into finding a balance for us all. I came away from the Retreat feeling full of love, support, and gratitude. What more can you ask for?

The cancer journey is not an easy one, but it has made me a more resilient, better person. Retreat Yourself provides a safe place for us all to come together to share our stories, laugh, cry and most of all, be real.

What a beautiful thing.

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