The questions roll in with the applications

July 22, 2011


We have already received nearly 40 applications for SC2011 in Ottawa, ON and we are so excited to meet everyone! Yes, meet, because there’s an unusually large number of applicants who have not yet attended a YACC event (alumni, better hurry on with those application forms). Either way, new or old, we are looking forward to welcoming new survivors and supporters and seeing all the familiar faces we don’t see often enough.

With so many applications so quickly, and so many new people to introduce to our processes, we thought we’d take a moment to answer some of the bigger questions here. Please contact Karine at if you are wondering about anything we haven’t addressed here.

I live close to the Cartier Place Suite Hotel, can I sleep at home?

We appreciate the offer, and know how relaxing it can be to go home to your own bed, families, pets, and stuff at the end of the day, but it is crucial to the Conference experience that you spend the whole time at the hotel. We have tried this in the past, and even the participants have said they found it was less ideal. A lot of the bonding and connecting happens during free time and in the evenings when the program is finished, so it’s really in the best interest for your experience and the group’s experience to stay.

YACC is paying for the food, accomodations, and activities, but are there options to help pay for my travel?

Yes, we have a few ways you can help reduce the cost of your flight to Ottawa.

We offer a travel assistance subsidy through a limited budget set aside to help those who require some financial assistance. You can apply here. Basically, depending on where you live, we can offer a set amount or 50 per cent of the cost (whichever is less). We expect you will be responsible with the allowance and book your flights early and economically to help spread our budget over more participants.

We are also working on some other options and will let you know what they are through this blog when they’re ready.

can we still apply If either myself or my supporter can’t stay for the entire duration of the conference?

It is important for all participants to attend the conference for the entirety of the four days (Novemeber 3-7). Please contact us if you have already applied but have scheduling issues.

Can I ask to be in a room with someone specific?

Yes, if you know a friend of yours is coming to the Conference, let Karine know and she will do her best to put you in the same room.

Can we have three in a room?

Some rooms at Cartier Place have three beds, so it might be possible but we can’t guarantee it. You can make your request to Karine and she will try her best to accommodate it.

If I am driving to the Hotel, can I park my car there for the weekend?

There are possibilities to park your car for the weekend, but there are fees related to the Parking ($17 a day). If you don’t have other choices and the cost is a problem for you, let Karine know and we will work on a solution. We still encourage you to have someone drop you off at the hotel or carpool with some friends to cut the cost.

I am planning to arrive a few days earlier or leave a few days later. could I get a reduced rate at the hotel?

For those of you arriving earlier and staying later, you need to book your own room for the extra days and ask for the “Young Adult Cancer Canada” group block. Depending on the room given to you, we will make every effort not to have you change rooms when the Conference starts. Rates for rooms vary with the type of rooms you book ($95-$149). The group rate accessible from October 28 to November 14.

How come my parent can’t come as a supporter?

We recognize the contributions many parents make during a cancer journey, but we also recognize the restrictions in attitude and behaviour some people have around their parents as well.

To get the most out of the Conference experience, you have to be free to say what you want to say about topics you may not discuss with your parents like your relationships, your concerns about your future, and your feelings on the whole cancer experience. Even if you have an open relationship with your parents, their presence could hinder someone else from speaking candidly out of respect.

Who should come as my supporter?

Ideally, you should invite someone who experienced the journey with you, who has questions or concerns about what you went through, who is interested in learning more about how you felt during treatment in a way you might not have been comfortable discussing before, who you will count on to help you move beyond your cancer, and who you’re comfortable discussing everything with. This could be a sister, close friend, spouse, cousin, etc. Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

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