The Survivor Conference doesn’t just change survivors

November 9, 2012

Since so many of YACC’s teammates were at Survivor Conference 2012, we thought we would extend the offer to someone who doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to post on the website to try and wrap up the event in a way that showed the emotional impact rather than just the facts. Tracy Carberry, our Office Manager, was blown away by what she saw, and she wanted to share the following message with you.


Tracy (third from the left) with some of her new pals!

As I sit back and reflect on my first YACC experience, the Survivor Conference 2012 my heart feels warm and a smile creeps across my face. I feel blessed to have been a part of something so magical, yet so real!

I think about all the friends I have made in just four short days and how each of them made their own footprints on my heart. Their courage, strength, and beauty inspires me to live each day with a positive outlook and acceptance of whatever life throws my way.

I had the pleasure of listening to stories of survival, endurance, and bravery. Each of the stories reached into my heart and connected with me on some level words cannot describe. There were many times during those four days that I could not find words to describe what I was feeling…mind-blowing is as close as I can get!

Unless you have experienced a YACC event, you can’t really feel the true impact: the goosebumps, the tears, and the uncontrollable laughter.

I am honoured and deeply touched by the stories, the strength and the willingness to share and connect with the raw emotions of 90 brave souls. I was overwhelmed by the amount of acceptance, understanding, and love shared by this group, even though most of them were strangers just a few days ago.

As I sit here today, in my YACC office looking at all the Facebook messages, I can still feel the love and support, and most of all I can feel the connection. Thank you for sharing a life-changing experience with me; I will be forever grateful!


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