The EXTRAordinary Women support YACC

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The EXTRAordinary Women have launched a community effort to collect 500,000 Aeroplan Miles for Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) to help young adults dealing with cancer attend life-changing support programs. Isloation is a top issue facing this population, and restricted finances due to treatment costs and time off work can make it more difficult to travel to retreats and conferences where they will meet and connect with other young adults facing the same issues at the same stage of life. Please connect and donate to this worthy cause!

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[In the spirit of full disclosure, the founder of YACC is Geoff Eaton (son of Susan), and EXTRAordinary Women member Dawn Bishop is the C.O.O.]



September 14, 2016: 2,629 miles from Julie L. brings us to 70,871!

August 12, 2016: 25,000 miles from Abigail U. brings us to 68,242!

June 19, 2016: 1,100 miles from an anonymous donor brings us to 43,242!

June 19, 2016: 1,100 miles from Zhenxing D. brings us to 42,142!

May 14, 2016: 10,000 miles from Soleil L. brings us to 41,042!

April 25, 2016: A weekend donation brings us to 31,042!

April 22, 2016: We’re up to 30,042 donated miles already!

April 13, 2016: 2,000 miles have been donated so far!


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