There’s a whole lotta lovin’ going on

February 3, 2014

Feb calendar slider

We kicked off the calendar quote series last month with a great new year message from Amanda Gingrich, but it’s time to change it up with this great quote!

It was almost too obvious to ask JP Savard to send us something for the February message; of course he pulled through and made us all swoon with this message about his wife, Jamie Carswell.

JP and Jamie have been members of the YACC community for almost as long as we can remember. They have been through a full gamut of emotions over the past couple of years as they got married, had a baby, and dealt with Jamie’s latest diagnosis, but they have always been there for their YACC buddies as familiar faces at our events, and Jamie even sat on the Big Cancer Hook-up panel in November 2013.

Do you have a story, a thank you, or a shout-out for a survivor or supporter in your life? Leave it in the comments, or email it to (bonus points if you include pictures)!



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