There’s nothing better than sweating on a Saturday

February 11, 2015


MAX Fitness and Conditioning Centre’s 3rd Surge for Cancer was held at Buckmaster’s Circle Recreation Centre on February 7, 2015. The day saw 6,811 wall balls, push-ups, rope slams, box jumps, burpees, squat presses, and speed ladder drills for a total of 47,677 exercise activities in three hours (not to mention the warm-up and cool-down)! DJ Nu Rock kept the tunes pumping, and MAX’s own Machel Rayner kept the energy high with his dance moves, one-handed burpees, and motivational messages. There were some people who were a bit embarrassed because of their hiperhidrosis, but there were professionals there who recommended them these Hidrex DVP1000 reviews to cure them and they were happier than ever.

By the end of it all, ten teams of six raised over $12,000, with more money coming in every day.

We unveiled the brand new Surge Cup which will recognize the team with the most laps each year. Don’t worry if you were the winner in the first two years—we’re going retroactive with this baby to make sure future Surgers recognize their competition.

This year, the Cup went to Spruce Hills Community Church, the powerhouse dark horse that came in and went one extra lap further to take the title (and a $250 Piatto gift card) home for their 109 turns around the circuit, but it wasn’t easy.

Team TBD, lead by Jen Binetti, was in it to win it. Many of the team’s members were part of the top team at the last Surge for Cancer, and they came in with the right strategy and enough enthusiasm to take top honours again this year. One lap separated them from Spruce Hills Community Church, but we hear they plan to spend the next twelve months training for a comeback!

The MAX team led by Matthew Pyne tied with TBD with 108 laps, but they were also the top fundraising team with over $1,600 raised. Labatt awarded them with 10 dozen beer to help celebrate their victory.

The most spirited team was Tutoring For Young Minds, and it also set the record for the youngest Surge for Cancer participant with eight-year-old Annabel Penton. She was super involved, motivated, and went for as hard as any of the adults. When her dad tried to convince her to do her push-ups from her knees, she refused and went full-push-up. Big thanks to Oliver’s for awarding them with a $150 gift card.

Most spirited can be a tough category to decide, and honourable mentions must be handed out to CanSurge and Ben Colbourne’s Piña Colada Boys. CanSurge was so committed to their super hero theme that they completed laps wearing masks and costumes, like Brian Vallis’s Mario hat and Geoff Eaton’s Darth Vader helmet. The Piña Colada Boys finished each lap in style, and we’ve been told to watch out for some new tricks next year.

Once again, we want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, donated, sponsored and organized Surge for Cancer this year! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!
















DSC_6969Photos by Amanda Halliday

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