There’s still time to take #YACCtotheMAX!

January 31, 2015

We’re gearing up to kick off our third week of the YACC/MAX Fitness and Conditioning Centre six-week wellness challenge (A.K.A. #YACCtotheMAX in the social sphere), so we wanted to check in to see how everyone’s doing, and remind you it’s not too late to join in!

You should note the MAX gang demoed these movements in jeans and dress shoes, so don’t worry about your workout gear or getting all hot and sweaty — you’ll hardly even notice these challenges, but your body will!

Grab a stopwatch and you’ll be all caught up in 10 minutes!

Challenge 1: Take a six-minute walk, either outside or on a treadmill. Make sure to add another minute to the goal on Sunday — we want to make it to 30 by the time the weather comes around!

Challenge 2: Set your stopwatch for one minute and see how many push-ups you can do! It might be zero, or it might be 60;  you’re just here to challenge yourself and see what your body can do. Make a note of that number somewhere.

Challenge 3: Keep that stopwatch close by, find a nice, sturdy wall, and lean against it with your legs at a 90 degree angle for as long as you can. Record your time.

Challenge 4: Have enough exercise yet? Take a water break. Actually, take a few. The jury’s out on how much water you actually need for your own body, but it’s safe to assume you could probably use some more. Make a note of how many glasses you drink!

Challenge 5: This challenge is another full-day activity. Starting now, count how many steps you take in the run of the day. Too much counting? Set a goal to climb and get stepping, or make a point of taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It sounds simple, and it works.

Challenge 6: Last one — get back down and plank it for as long as you can. Since you just had your stopwatch out, record this one, too.

The are some new movements coming up to kick up your stretching, resistance training, and more, and we’ll also revive some of these to help measure your progress!

Check out the short videos above for more info, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest challenges delivered straight to your inbox!

Now, go forth, and get healthier!

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