They control the World. Tell them to control Cancer

Today, the Campaign to Control Cancer (C2CC) is urging world leaders to put cancer control on the agenda of the June 2010 G8 and G20 meetings in Canada.

Cancer control, with its emphasis on prevention, is an effective strategy for attacking the growing burden of disease, especially in the developing world:

Today, more than 50% of new cancer cases and nearly two-thirds of cancer deaths occur in the low income, lower middle income and upper middle income countries of the developing world. By comparison, in 1970, the developing world accounted for 15% of newly reported cancers (Boyle and Levin [eds.] 2008).

By 2030, the developing world is expected to bear 70% of the global cancer burden (Boyle and Levin [eds.] 2008).

You can join us right now by e-mailing this message to Stephen Harper: message