This couple isn’t letting cancer mess up their marriage

The summer months are filled with weddings where brides and grooms spend time imagining their futures together. Rarely to they imagine an upheaval early in their new life that will change a lot of what they had expected. We've met many couples who thought they had it all figured out until someone was diagnosed with cancer, and "in sickness and in health" took on a whole new meaning.

The MD Anderson Cancer Centre's blog, Cancerwise, posted an article on Nate Causey and Genie Alice, a young couple who had to readjust their plans very early on in their marriage.

Genie says they met after college, fell in love, got married at the perfect wedding, and were planning on getting settled and having children. A few months later, Nate started having neck pain and vision issues. He had an MRI where they found a large brain tumour.

After two surgeries at two different hospitals, Nate suffered bleeding in his brain. His doctor put him in a coma to help stabilize his recovery, and when he woke up, he was unable to move or speak.

For the past year, Genie has trusted her faith and Nate's medical team while they work on rehabilitating his body and communication abilities. He is walking again and making good progress.

Their story, and Genie's account of the impact the journey had on her (like learning how not to worry about not being able to have kids when her friends are), is very inspiring–especially if you are a young couple trying to redefine your idea of your marriage after cancer. 

We wish them luck as they persevere.

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