Big Cancer Hook-up: Three months’ work in one night!

February 13, 2017

The 4th Big Cancer Hook-up had 383 attendees from across the country — the largest group of young adults dealing with cancer ever connected at one time in Canada! We connected at 12 events in major cities, tuned in from home, and chatted on Twitter throughout the night on January 28, 2017. Out of those 383, 100 viewers were new to YACC and are now connected to supportive programs and services to help them deal with, through, and beyond cancer!

On average, one new young adult connects with YACC daily. That means we reached three months’ worth of new people in 90 minutes! Cancer is different for young adults, and isolation plays a major part in that because young adults are often the first in their peer group to be diagnosed. These 100 are now in YACC’s network of peers that “get it.”

This event is not only focused on the new connections, it also helps to bring together our alumni who don’t normally get to see their cancer buddies in the middle of winter.

Thank you to our sponsor Fibe TV1 and all of our partners: InspireHealth, MayCauseRadiance, Wellspring Calgary, Wellspring Edmonton, Rawlco Radio, CancerCare Manitoba, and Wellwood! Without you we could never have pulled off such a successful event! You are helping us change lives.

We also want to send an extra special thank you to our production team: Tristram, Darryl, Ty and Mark. Without you we could never have the quality we had with this event and we would never have had such a great time at the office on a Saturday!

We could never have done this event without our amazing guests: Heather, Megan, and Tha’er; as well as our awesome co-hosts, Kathy and Geoff. Thank you all for being so flexible and for making the weekend so much fun!

For those of you who missed the show, or if just want to see the magic again, click here.

Check out YACC’s YouTube channel for previous Big Cancer Hook-ups!

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