Tips to make all food taste better, especially during treatment

You might not feel like eating but your body needs vitamins, minerals, and calories to help get you through treatment a little easier. Try to loosen up on any self- or health-imposed dietary restrictions such as a vegetarian diet or low sodium for a little while. Eating a variety of foods will give you a more diversified selection of nutrients which might come in healthy.

Really healthy food shouldn’t be bland or boring. It should be rich in flavour and diverse on your palate. It’s not about eating broiled chicken breasts and spinach; the more foods and spices you pack into a dish, the more flavours and nutrients it will have.

Try changing the way you prepare food to make it taste different or more appealing. For example, brown rice is nicely complimented with spicy curries, refreshing lemon, savory chicken, and more. Throw some barbeque sauce on a sandwich, add some chopped green onion to your soup, put cheese on your potatoes. Anything to make it a little different.

It’s a great time to try out different culinary styles. You might find something new that you love and your old faithful standbys won’t be tainted with the memories of treatment. The Mayo Clinic has a whole bunch of suggestions for changing up your menu and getting some extra nutrition everywhere.


And, if you can’t find a way to cook foods in a way you enjoy, blend it!

Chef Jay Holecek came to our Survivor Conference in November 2010 and made some healthy concoctions in a blender that are sure to get the good stuff in you. Blend up some fruits and vegetables–everything from carrots and cabbage to apples and tomatoes–and strain the juice through cheesecloth.

If the flavour is too unfamiliar, try adding spices like nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, and anything else you might like, to make it more palatable. Plus, many spices have their own health benefits so you’re only adding extra goodness.

In addition to the juicing, Jay cooks healthy foods. Check out the nutrient-rich recipes on his website.