Top 10 of 2010-11

Top 10 of 2010-11

In a few days, YACC will wrap up our 2010-11 fiscal year-end and dive head-first into 2011-12. With a new business plan and crazy (but awesome) revenue targets, our next year will be our best yet.

For an organization that has been in constant growth for its 11 years of life, having “best years” is normal. Our annual average revenue growth of 36 per cent has supported the development and delivery of life-changing programs for more and more survivors.

A few of my favourite moments from the past year:

10. More than 750 copies of We Get It were distributed across Canada to health professionals and survivors.

9. We kicked off Localife, our local social support program for young adults, in Calgary (and will roll it out to other locales this year).

8. We reached our best revenue ever, about $825,000.

7. YACC’s office crew grew to nine full-time superstars, each bringing their own talents to our team.

6. NewCap Radio took its major support for the Shave for the Brave from St. John’s to Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax and Red Deer which helped us break the half million mark with the Shave for the first time ($508,000).

5. St. Mary’s school in Labrador blew away every other school to capture the “Bravest School” title with a staggering 49 per cent of students shaving (the previous best was 17 per cent!).

4.  We had more than 122,000 visits to

3. We reached another level of engagement from our board of directors, lead by chair Brian Vallis, including a commitment to renew our strategic plan and continue advancing the governance of YACC.

2. 93 survivors and supporters came through one of our four- or eight-day face-to-face programs.

1.    Confucius said it best, “find a job you love and you will never work another day.”

I am living this wisdom, we have an essential purpose, a great vision of the future and an awesome team working to realize it.

Life is good, and it’s getting better.

In case you haven’t checked out our 2009-2010 highlights, here’s our annual report.

Live life.  Love life.


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