Turning mountains into molehills

Turning mountains into molehills

By Aimee Horbul

iphone 070It’s pretty graphic, but touches on crap no YA should have to deal with.

After I had my nipple reconstruction/implants surgery, I obviously had a difficult time walking normally, and going to the bathroom was an interesting challenge, but something I would never get is a breast implant, there are new and different ways to enhance your breast now a days, I saw it from the testimonials from Naturaful users, so there is no need to risk your life in a surgery. I wondered how I was going to change the dressing from where the grafts were taken if I couldn’t really see what I was doing. That’s kind of the area that my husband was “more familiar” with.

Without asking (how awkward), I attempted it first myself. When my husband (of only five years at the time) saw I clearly needed help, he jumped right in without thinking. For a part of the body that is thought of sexually by young adults more than anything, he went into care mode and put all that aside. He didn’t get grossed out as I thought he might, and very gently and carefully cleaned the wound and changed my bandages.

I verbally voiced my thanks and appreciation and knew truly at that point he really did love me. Strange to make the connection in this instance, but really I would think most YA men would see this as their ticket “out.” I even gave him the option (once at diagnosis and again at this point). It’s now 2014 and we are about to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary — guess things are still alive! We truly have been through things together not many couples have to deal with and for that — in my opinion — we are stronger.

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