We know it sucks, let’s make it a little better

Cancer is not associated with words like happy, thankful, and optimistic. It gets tagged with isolated, lonely, and weary.

While we have accepted it as a permanent part of our social lives, we are still associating negativity with the illness. Asking for support from our loved ones can be burdensome and cause guilt for the “inconvenience” of helping you do things you used to do on your own. Now you need rides to the hospital, help up stairs, and someone to care for you when you just can’t get up.

Sheryl M. Ness at the Living With Cancer blog posted some really great suggestions on helping your support team understand what you need before depression sets in and makes a bad situation worse. Some of her tips include letting people know what you need from them and when so you won’t feel like they’re letting you down, staying involved with the things you love to do so you won’t lose your favourite things, and seeking information and support from other patients.

It’s ok to feel sad and remorseful sometimes but you need something to shed some light on the positive parts of your day. While your cancer might impede on your physical abilities and energy levels, it doesn’t change who you are or what you love.

Source: Mayo Clinic