Welcome to the team, Shali!

October 21, 2011


Some of you may know Shali Manuel. She’s an adventurous, kind, friendly, survivor who has been a member of YACC’s community for a long time. She has attended and facilitated events, hosted a Shave for the Brave, helped Karine at the CANO conference, and took people out in Halifax for YACC’s 50/50 night. Now, she’s our Eastern Program Director.

This is very exciting as it marks the third city in Canada with an official YACC presence (after St. John’s and Calgary). We’re growing together, and from what we’ve seen, Halifax is a great place for us to be.

Shali spent the last week at YACC Headquarters in Newfoundland where she fit right in with the whole crew. She’s already busy contributing to projects and making plans for YACC’s 2012 program offering. Her apptitude for research, knowledge of the survivor experience, and awareness of YACC makes her a great addition to our staff.

Welcome aboard, Shali! We’re happy you’re here.

You can contact her at shali@youngadultcancer.ca

Photo by Kelly Davidson

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