What is out there for young adults?

January 19, 2010

A little more than a year ago, YACC made major changes to our website and updated everything. In the process, many improvements were made, many more are to come but there are also some things that were put on ice to find a better system to make them available to you.

One of those things was the information on local resources for young adults. Even though there are still not enough resources out there, there are some organizations doing an amazing job and we need to promote them more efficiently. You can find some of these organizations on the Links section of the Community, but we know not everything is there. We try and keep up with support groups across the country as best as possible. Finding the existing resources is a challenge. Some initiatives are cancer specific, have a time limit, are for young woman only, etc.

To keep an accurate and relevant list of resources we need reliable sources. YACC will celebrate its 10th year of existence this year and in those 10 years, we saw our network of professionals grow and get stronger. Until now, they have been our biggest source of information when it comes to services specifically for young adults or relevant to the population. They usually connect with us when a new service is available or when they want to create something for young adults.

Our survivor community also plays an important role in feeding us information about the local resources. They are an essential source of info for us because they not only know what is out there, but very often, they have experienced the resource and can tell us what it can do for the young adult population. The constructive feedback is then passed along to the local organizations asking for guidance and information while creating new resources for YA (full circle).

Until we have our new web tool to find resources in Canada (which is in development), we will try and list local as many support services in the country as possible. With the help of one of our SIA (Survivors In Action), we started to update the information and will put it up on the site in the next couple of weeks.

If you know about a good resource for young adults in your community, please connect with us.

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