What’s more fun than a dunk tank?

August 3, 2012


Dunk tanks are not as prevalent around St. John’s as they used to be. Maybe we’ve learned it’s likely cold on any day you plan outdoor activities, or maybe we’ve turned into a bunch of chickens. Well, absence must truly make the heart grow fonder because people still love them!

Max Fitness & Conditioning Centre launched the upcoming Surge for Cancer fundraising event with a dunk tank at the 194th Royal St. John’s Regatta on August 1. It doesn’t come as any surprise that Max figured out such a fun way to announce their event; they offer innovative programs that help people “reach your maximum potential, regardless of age” in arts, athletics, and wellness.

Shots were $2 each, or you could get three balls for $5. There’s something about the satisfaction of dunking someone because your aim was dead on that kept people coming to the tune of $3,000.


The dunkees were employees from Max; Geoff and Frank from YACC; Kevin Casey from The Idea Factory, the marketing company that’s helping with the branding; Carrie Penney from 97.5 K-Rock; and Brian Bradley from 99.1 HITS FM. Anthony Germain, host of the St. John’s Morning Show on CBC, came by to do an interview and volunteered to spend some time in the hot seat, then Casey started campaigning to get David Cochrane from CBC’s On Point up there. The hashtag #dunkCochrane littered Twitter and they raised another $2,000 in about an hour so Cochrane gave the people what they wanted. (See videos of the two CBC employees here.)

It was awesome to hear cheers from far away when someone got dunked, and hilarious to watch cheaters get soaked when they went up to hit the button when their aim didn’t cut it.

Thank you again to Max, The Idea Factory, NLdunktank.ca, and all the volunteers who braved the cold water and chilly air for 30 minutes at a time all to help young adults dealing with cancer in Canada. You all rock!


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