What’s the deal with SC2011?

October 12, 2011

Hey folks! We have been getting some questions about what to expect at the Conference. This is awesome for one main reason: It means we’re growing.

The Conference was usually attended by YACC alumni who knew what to expect from a YACC event. Now, we have about a 50/50 split with new and returning survivors. Not only do we have more new faces, we have more people than ever before! The Conference has nearly doubled this year!

It’s a great indication of what’s going to happen around here in the coming years, and it’s letting us know we’ve got to get in gear and get our schedule nailed down as early as possible. While we will still reserve the right to modify the schedule as needed, here’s what you can expect to experience.











*Workshops will be pre-selected by you and will feature topics such as brain fog, physical movement and cancer, supporting someone with cancer, yoga, and getting involved.

We hope that whet’s your appetite a little for information on what to expect in Ottawa! Just 22 more days!

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