Would you benefit from a Retreat?

February 14, 2011


Do any of the following bullets apply to you?

If any of the above apply to you, Retreat Yourself might be what you need!

Retreat Yourself is designed primarily for those who have only been out of treatment for a short time and who have a lot of questions about their cancer.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get a lot out of the experience if you have been out of treatment for a long time or if you thought you handled it all pretty well. People from various stages of survivorship have attended the weekends and gotten more out of it than they expected. If you think Retreat Yourself isn’t for you, contact Karine at karine@youngadultcancer.ca and she’ll fill you in on our other programs.

Cancer hits hard whatever your age, but when it happens in your young adult years, it has a whole different meaning. Isolation becomes your roommate and your world is put on hold and hung upside down. It does takes a lot of strength and courage to attend a Retreat, but we don’t know any other group of people who can kick ass and face challenges like young adults, so we know you can do it!

Because we are young, we do this in a relaxed and casual way. Retreat Yourself is not a clinic setting. We take time to connect, share, laugh and play.

Apply now if you’re interested in attending.

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