Young adults climb back from cancer

Nearly 10 years ago Michael Lepage was a fourth year computer sciences student at Laurier University in Waterloo. He had a semester to go, had buckled down, got the urge to party out of his system and was eager to get on with his life and career. But Mr. Lepage felt lousy. For a good six months, he couldn’t manage to shake what he thought was the flu. He visited a couple of walk-in clinics and got similar, standard advice: get lots of sleep, don’t drink and watch your diet.

I did all of those things and I still had the flu,  said Mr. Lepage.

Confounded by the symptoms which included a nagging, raspy cough and night sweats so intense he literally had to towel off  Mr. Lepage bowed to his mother’s advice and agreed to see a doctor when he visited his folks in Sudbury that Christmas. A subsequent chest X-ray revealed a tumour the size of a grapefruit just above his heart.

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