Young adults survivors report more pain and financial woes than elders

U.S. based Businessweek reports cancer survivors under 40 may have better odds of survival compared to their elder counterparts, but they have to deal with more physical and emotional pain, and financial hardships than the older set.

Health System researchers at the University of Michigan say younger survivors have different troubles than cancer patients over 40.

When studied six months post-treatment, younger patients reported 4.5 areas of pain versus the 2.2 areas older patients reported. Also, their flareups occured more frequently.

Not only do their bodies suffer more, their cognitive abilities are slowed down and muddled compared to before treatment.

Younger people, especially women, also had to worry about making ends meet when the hospital bills start piling up and the work hours grow shorter. 75 per cent of them reported trouble with money which was double the percentage of older patients.

This study reiterates our message of cancer being different for young adults compared to those under 15 or over 39. Not only do the cancers behave differently, we have different things to worry about.

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