Young Women and Breast Cancer: Psychosocial Information and Support

Young Women and Breast Cancer: Psychosocial Information and Support

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) is developing a new resource which aims to address the psychosocial effects of breast cancer on young women. Young survivors often feel alienated by the existing information and support, as it often fails to address their unique situations and needs.

The handbook will fill the existing service gaps by directly addressing the experiences of young survivors in the following areas:

Mental Health and Emotional Issues

Partners and Children

Parents and Siblings

Friends and Coworkers

Work and Financial Concerns


Intimacy, Sexuality and Self-Image

Reconstruction After Surgery

Self-Care and Healthy Living


They are currently looking to add personal stories from young survivors to the handbook. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute a first-hand account dealing with any of these areas, please contact them to tell your story. They also welcome contributions from family members of breast cancer survivors, including partners, children, parents, siblings, and friends.

For more information or to contribute, please contact Lindsay Jensen at {encode=”” title=””} .

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