5 tips for an unforgettable Climb

5 tips for an unforgettable Climb

YACC’s 16th Annual Climb is coming up on September 25, 2016, and we’re stoked to say there are 50 people signed up for four events happening from St. John’s, NL to Saskatoon, SK already!

Engaged YACCers will head up a hill somewhere near them as we raise money to help fund our programs and services. Our next two events — Retreat Yourself Adventure and Retreat Yourself BC — filled up within days. Those young adults dealing with cancer who are left on our wait lists are like gigantic spotlights, illuminating the need for more events and opportunities like these.

We know our programs help reduce feelings of isolation and improve a sense of connection to community. We know they empower young adults facing cancer to take some small steps toward LIVING with, through, and beyond their diagnoses. We know there are thousands of young adults out there we haven’t even met yet. We’ll reach them by reaching the top of our destinations.

We can’t do it alone, and we challenge you not to, either!

Register to Climb as a team captain and invite your friends, family members, coworkers, bootcamp buddies, rec leagues, social media followers, classmates, crushes, neighbours, pets, and strangers to Climb with you!

Climb 1

5 ways to make your Climb one your team won’t forget:

1. Take a team photo ASAP

This will look great on your online fundraising page and will give you an excuse to be in the same place to talk about ideas for #2!

2. Plan a look

All Climbers receive matching yellow Climb hats, but why not turn it up to 11?! Wear matching t-shirts, sports team swag, rainbow tutus, wigs, or face paint. Bring noisemakers and things that light up. Play music. Have matching reusable water bottles or cups. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

3. Challenge another team or two (bonus points if you don’t know them)

The other team doesn’t even have to be in the same province, but friendly rivalry goes a long way when it comes to raising money. Things to put on the line: Buying post-Climb ice cream/nachos/beer for the winning team, a (safe and respectful) act of public humility, a public declaration of the winning team’s fundraising superiority, a novelty trophy — the possibilities are endless!

4. Keep an eye on your teammates’ totals

Think you can rest on your laurels once you hit your personal fundraising goal? Don’t forget about #3! Check on your teammates’ online fundraising pages to see if anyone needs a little boost and share their link on social media.

5. Celebrate once it’s all done!

Make a reservation at a group-friendly restaurant, or even just get together at the team captain’s house! This will give you the time and space to debrief from the powerful stories you’ll hear, AND will set the scene to start planning for 2017!

See you on the hill(s)!


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