5 ways YACC has your back

5 ways YACC has your back

By Gabrielle Fecteau

Don’t forget the power of connection. Reach out to your community and find what you need—understanding.

YACC keeps on showing up for me. When life gets difficult, and when I least of all expect it, YACC shows up for me in both big and smaller ways.

After the holidays, I arrived home—already missing my family and feeling the pressure of the New Year upon us—to find an envelope sent from the YACC headquarters addressed to me (in my own handwriting). The wonderful staff at YACC had decided that this was the best time for me to receive a letter I had written to myself at the 2019 Survivor Conference.

The content of the letter read as follows:

Hello beautiful!

Life is probably not perfect for you at the moment—in part because you are away from these beautiful people. But that’s okay.

Remember how you felt as you wrote this letter: excited, loved and full of hope. You saw the world at your fingertips.

This weekend, with your YACC family, you have found a way to live with all the pain that you know. You can do that in your everyday life too. YACC is never far away.

Take a deep breath; YACC has got your back.


YACC had shown up for me once again as a beautiful community that never stops giving. Here are a few other ways that YACC has my back (and yours, too).

YACC has a strong presence. YACC is omnipresent. It follows us through our life experiences—both the difficult ones and the most magical moments of our lives—as it whispers messages of strength and perseverance.

YACC is synonymous to love. You feel the love when you first find YACC, when you meet other YACCers, and when you face the challenges in the day to day. YACC spreads a deep love for life that knows no boundaries. Best of all, YACC strengthens your love for yourself.

YACC helps with changes. YACC knows that things happen and that we, mere human beings, must learn to adapt. It is when life’s changes come our way that we learn that YACC was always there, waiting for us around the corner.

YACC thrives on connection. YACC connects us to some of the most beautiful people. It brings us together in our challenges to ensure we can share our successes. These individuals, YACCers just like ourselves, make up a diverse community that is always ready to show up. When you feel alone, your YACC family will be the best friend you turn to, the friend that will share your pain and then tell you to get on with your life.

YACC sparks hope. We all hurt in our own ways. We all go through some more difficult moments that make it more difficult to dream of better days. YACC anticipates our better tomorrows when we are unable to, keeping them safe until it is time for us to share in the joy of living.

As I list these ways that YACC has shown up for me (and so many others), I realize that there are no words to describe what someone gains when they reach out to YACC. Being in this YACC community has meant showing up for myself, sharing life with others, and creating a thriving community. Why would you not want to be a part of that?

Many smiles,

Our Partners