A Primetown poem

A Primetown poem

Before the pandemic, just over one year ago

We were to meet up in Winnipeg, but now we all know

COVID-19 took over, and to keep us all safest

We cancelled our plans and stayed in our places


But the excitement remained and the partnership was strong

And we worked together to move this along

This idea to connect, inform, and empower

The possibilities were endless, the ideas grew “wow-er”


So Geoff, Karine, and YACC’s program team

got to work with our friends at CCMB

We all compiled notes and made some suggestions

To have those discussions that others won’t mention


Sex after cancer

And finding some answers

To help understand your feelings

Nia and Yoga

And letting shit go-a

Were sessions to help with the healings


Social time and chats

Trying creative hats

Nudged us outside of our comfort zones

We talked about brains

And discussed fitness gains

All without leaving our homes


From end-of-life care

to missing body hair

And where it all fits in survivorship

Disenfranchised grief

And “they don’t listen to me”s

On the Primetown ‘berg, that’s the tip


Mental health tools

And spirituality schools

Were some of the shared coping lessons

Finding your voices

And asserting your choices

All left us with lasting impressions


Family planning

Medical cannabis having

And facing our fears of recurrence

Community stories

Were never boring

From sharing there is no deterrence


Body image awareness

And “this isn’t fairness”

And chats with Suleika Jaouad

Helped us feel understood

And like maybe we could

Say so much through Zoom with a nod


Young adults and their peers

For the first time this year

Were joined by parents and guardians

Healthcare providers too

Made up the crew

And we can’t wait to do it again.


It’s not quite the same

To get to know you through names

In boxes on computers and phones

And we hope that one day

We might put them away

But for now, glad to have you from home


Stay in touch with new pals

And remember how

The information shared shed some light

On things that can help

Others and yourself

Through moments that aren’t quite so bright


To all the committees,

volunteers and presenters

Board members, employees, and sponsors

Attendees and viewers

Familiar and newer

Thank you for being a part of this conference.


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