A Survivor Conference update

A Survivor Conference update

Hello to you all beautiful and resilient community members! I hope you are well and keeping safe, while enjoying some connection with people you love.

Physical distancing has proven to affect YACC’s face-to-face programs in a real way. After conversations with our partners at CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) and CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (CCMF), we sadly had to come to the conclusion that the Survivor Conference that had been postponed to October 1-5, 2020 will now have to be cancelled.

Believe me, this wasn’t an easy decision, but we felt it was the only safe one to make. Our face-to-face events involve so much “sharing” of spaces where physical distancing is just not possible. Shared rooms, shared meeting rooms, bathrooms, buffets, etc. With your safety and health as a priority, we can’t bring 130 people together in October. 

We know our decision comes at a time where many cities and provinces are slowly “deconfining,” but as we know our wonderful community is also one that often lives with compromised immune systems and other health challenges. You come first, always.

Our contract with the hotel had a deadline for confirmation we just couldn’t push to the last minute. They have been so gracious with us, even if struggling themselves. Hopefully we will get to enjoy a conference there in the future.

We are lucky to have an amazing partnership with CCMB and CCMF and an incredible team; we are working on more creative ways to offer you information, connection, and fun times online so stay tuned!

The incredible engagement we’ve received from our Manitoba YACCers, health professionals, friends, and colleagues was overwhelming. The momentum was something we had never seen before. Hope you know that the energy and motivation you gave us has helped us keep going these past few months and shift gears to continue to be here FOR you, no matter what. We are so grateful for everything you have done.

I know for a fact that we will meet in person again, and we hope it will be in Manitoba at a conference. We will be in touch with you with further info and details for anyone with flights, registration fees, expansion pack, etc.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and if you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the FAQ section of our site and if you can’t find your answer there, connect with us.

Fuck COVID, fuck cancer, you are rock stars!

See you soon, stay connected,
Karine and the team

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