Localife Calgary: A walk in the park

Localife Calgary: A walk in the park

October 2013 163

Colin and I decided that since Calgary was running out of warm-ish weekends, there was no better activity than a walk in Prince’s Island Park!

We met approximately 10 survivors and supporters at 2 p.m. at Eau Claire Good Earth. We hung out for an hour, chatted, and then eventually made our way out for riverside adventures.

Surprisingly enough, we ended up walking for about two hours. It was a really neat way to get to know some new faces, and catch up with some familiar ones, as well.

What Colin and I were impressed by was everyone’s energy levels–we all survived a two-hour trek! We decided to reward ourselves with a healthy dosage of nachos at the Barley Mill.

Our group had grown to about 15 people by the time we got to food and drinks. We all were able to chat, relax, and laugh a little (at the risk of sounding cheesy). Eventually people started to take off around 9 p.m. which made this one of our longest events yet!

Thanks for coming out; it was really fun getting some fresh air with you all! We are really excited for our next event; Colin and I will keep you posted.


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Young Adult Cancer Canada recognizes the support of the Canadian Cancer Society Alberta/North West Territories in making Localife available to young adults dealing with cancer in Calgary and Edmonton.

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