Adolescent and Young Adults with Cancer

Adolescent and Young Adults with Cancer

The National Cancer Institute in the US just created this new portal for young adults. It contains a lot of interesting information. Because it is in the US, some information don’t apply to Canadians, but still, a lot can be found on their site. Here is a preview of what you can explore:

Nearly 70,000 adolescents and young adults (ages 15-39) learn they have cancer each year in the United States. This portal offers links to resources for questions about cancer, its treatment, clinical trials, and issues that may be faced after treatment. It also contains links to research studies and reports.

Learn about cancer types common to adolescents and young adults (15 – 39 year olds).

Learn about different cancer treatments and clinical trials. Get information about how to find a doctor and where NCI designated Cancer Centers are located.

Learn about dealing with emotions and managing side effects during treatment. Find out about resources for family and friends and where to get financial-related help.

Read about life after cancer treatment and follow-up care.

Check out other organizations and resources that provide information for adolescents and young adults with cancer.

Find research studies, reports, and articles that address adolescent and young adult cancer issues.

To visit the portal go to Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

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