August 13, 13 years ago

August 13, 13 years ago

The calendar is filled with dates that spark distinct memories for us all: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. August 13 is one for me as it was one of a few times when my dad took over my email group and wrote a message to my friends on my behalf while I was in a coma in ICU.

Keep the rear-view mirror adjusted appropriately; it’s important to know where you have been as it helps you appreciate where you are.

Hi everyone,

It’s Fraser still filling in for Geoff. I’m definitely not going to put words in Geoff’s mouth, but I do want to give you a quick update on his condition and progress. Since the last news on August 5, Geoff has been in critical condition in the ICU. He has been heavily sedated for the whole time and his body has been struggling to repair the damages caused by the infection he had. He has made some progress. His team of doctors (O’Brien, Fox, Scully, Hutchinson, Adams, Peters)—and a whole incredible group of other health care professionals way too numerous to mention—have been working, evaluating, encouraging, treating, and caring for Geoff like the true professionals they are. They have also been great to all his family as we’ve been watching, feeling somewhat helpless as Geoff struggles through this.

Geoff is still heavily sedated and is not responsive to any words or touches yet, but he is getting a little more active as the sedatives being used are changed. Yesterday several drugs were removed from his treatment plan as the infections are now considered gone. He’s got a long recuperation ahead of him (measured in months, not days or weeks) and still a considerable stay in the ICU. He has progressed as well as the doctors’ greatest expectations, which I’ve come to almost expect. He has had lots of good days as well as bad, and he’ll have lots more. He’s not off the critical list yet as any slight infection at all could be life-threatening, and he’s totally reliant on the life support system still.

On the good side he has met the doctors’ highest expectations as far as healing is concerned. We have been reading all the messages you have been sending, and will continue to do so if you want to pass on a thought or prayer. I KNOW they make a difference and can feel that he’s sensing them if not hearing and responding to them. As his sedation is reduced over the next few weeks, he’ll be more aware and able to communicate through gestures, and eventually through writing.

Thanks to all of you for your positive thoughts, prayers, and good deeds. They have meant so much to all his family.


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