Back at the Eaton Complex

Back at the Eaton Complex

It’s 2:44 p.m. on the 2nd and I am in my hospital room, thus far I have not been able to get a private room, if I am to stay mentally stable over the next 7 days this must change. The noise level in this room is higher than any …………….. (pause for a donation of blood, just to get me back in the swing of things) ……. as I was saying the patients and nurses in this room are so damn loud I couldn’t get a wink of sleep.

These certainly aren’t the best circumstances for me right now, but I will make the best of it as long as I’m here. I feel that once I get some poison in me and start to feel like crap again the surroundings will become less significant. However, I am looking forward to having my own space, more importantly my own quiet space where I can do some of that “deep” thinking I have become addicted to and continue my post-treatment plans.

I will keep you updated on the happenings at 4 North A, but I won’t write many thoughts until I have some privacy.

In touch soon,


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