Climb fundraising tips and ideas

Climb fundraising tips and ideas

Here are some tips on raising money for your Climb!

1. Online donations:

Once you register online, you can use your personal fundraising page to help raise money. Send your link around to family and friends reminding them that they will receive an official tax receipt from us once they donate.

2. Corporate donations/sponsorships:

YACC can provide you with a sponsorship letter (which we can personalize for you if needed) that you can use to request donations from the corporate world. Perhaps your employer has an employee/donation program you can apply for? Or a local business may be interested in donating to your Climb because you are from the community? Or there could even be a community based organization in your town/city who are in the ‘business’ of offering bursaries/sponsorships to local people.

3. Team members:

Create a team with your friends and family. Come up with a fun name and team ‘uniforms’ – it is a great bonding experience! Also, for some, it is easier and less pressure to raise money as a team than on your own.

4. Competition:

‘Challenge’ a friend to compete with you for who can raise the most money? Or who can gather the most team members for your Climb. Everyone likes a little friendly competition!

5. Third party events:

Third party events are fundraising events that you would undertake on your own; collect the money and then submit it to YACC to go towards your Climb. Some simple ideas are as follows:

  • Jeans/PJ day at work: everyone pay’s money to be able to wear them
  • Bake sale: at school/work or within the community
  • Garage sale: the traditional way; or online with friends/family. You can get friends to help pool their “previously loved” items to help you out
  • Games night with friends where people “pay to play”
  • Pot luck: Pay per plate: all your friends get together for a potluck that you also all pay $5-$10 to fill their plates
  • Party: plan a party at your house, the local community center, etc. and have your guests pay a “cover” fee to get in.
  • Local bar: connect with a local bar/pub to see if they would donate their cover for the night to your cause

These are just a few to get the ideas flowing! If you have other ideas or if you wanted to take on one of the above and need some additional help/support just let us know. We have lots of tips to make these events run smoothly; we can also provide letters/pledge sheets/logos/etc. from YACC so your donors know it is a legitimate cause.


Wondering Where the money goes?

All funds raised during the Climb go directly toward supporting our programs for young adult cancer survivors such as Retreat YourselfRetreat Yourself Adventure, the Survivor Conference, and Localife. Donations allow us to offer these programs at no cost to the young adults that truly need them.

For more information on Young Adult Cancer Canada and our finances, check out our annual report.


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