Creating the path forward… together

Creating the path forward… together


It’s no secret anymore, this year at the conference; we will have the chance to hear Barry Green, a professional speaker from Newfoundland with lots of energy and lots of heart. The Survivor Conference is about taking some time to take care of ourselves, to learn, to share, to connect, and it’s also about community. We are so much stronger as a group. Try and break one pencil, easy. Try and break 50 pencils…good luck. If you can, let us know, maybe we could do a little fundraising activity with your talent ;-).

Barry will open the conference with an inspiring talk bringing us energy and empowering us to work together to make things better for young adults (individually and as a community).

The tone will be given Thursday night and the rest of the weekend will be all about giving each other’s tools to make the rest of our life the very best it can be. I can’t wait to see you all; we are very close to a full house, only a few spots left…Close to 55 registered!!! Those late comers hurry up.

If you want to learn more on what Barry Green will talk about on Thursday night The_Unity_guy.pdf

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