Do I belong at Survivor Conference?

Do I belong at Survivor Conference?


Whether or not you identify with the term ‘survivor,’ been to Survivor Conference a few times, are attending Retreat Yourself in April, in treatment, in remission, aren’t sure about the registration fee or travel costs, nervous about the food, nervous about your room, etc. — we’ve heard it all, and we’re calling you out. (Plus, we just really, really want to hang out with you!)

Here’s who belongs at Survivor Conference:

Any Canadians who were diagnosed with cancer between 15-39, and are currently between 18-39; and their supporters, also aged between 18-39.

The term “young adult” is a moving target and can be fairly difficult to define, but we have found this to be the most common age-range identified by orgs focused on young adults, and is most often the “forgotten generation” when it comes to research and funding opportunities. We’re trying to close the gap.

We know the term “supporter” is pretty broad, too. Around here, it means someone you’re comfortable with (a friend, partner, sibling, etc.) who could benefit from learning more about how cancer impacted you, and from chatting with other supporters who know what it’s like on that front. A cancer diagnosis — no matter how present or forgotten — affects the whole team, and we want to help your support crew deal with it, too.


Why should I go to the Survivor Conference?

You haven’t been to any other YACC programs, you’ve been in remission for a while, you’ve been to a few other Survivor Conferences, we get it. And none of those is a real excuse.

If this is your first foray into the YACC community, know you’re about to meet a group of people who know what it’s like to be the first of your friends with cancer, to be the youngest in the cancer clinic, to have to make tough decisions about your family planning, to put life on pause, and to face the end of your life when you’re just getting started. We’ve heard hundreds of people say it, so it must be true: You’ll connect instantly, and for a lifetime.

If you’re starting to feel like part of the furniture, or you’re starting to put cancer behind you, there’s still space for you here. As one wise participant said to us last year: “For 361 days a year, I’m a father, husband, teacher, community member, etc. I need four days a year to be a cancer survivor.” Not only might you learn something, you’re going to meet new people, and your wisdom and camaraderie will go a long way in helping them feel comfortable, included, and ready to take the next step post-cancer.


What if I really want to go, but my finances are abysmal?

It happens, and we have strategies for that, too. We have a whole kit of tools and tips to make fundraising real easy, and when all else fails, financial assistance may be available.


Ok, ok, you’ve convinced me, but I’m really nervous about the food/room/medical emergencies/etc.

Are you kidding me?! Haven’t you seen we’re more prepared than Batman? Do you think we’d be thwarted that easily? Ugh, here we go.

  • This is the third Survivor Conference at the Radisson Admiral, and we work very closely with the chef to ensure our menu meets the myriad of dietary restrictions we face. If you are still concerned, we encourage you to bring snacks to store in your room.
  • Those attending with supporters will get roomed together. Those attending without supporters a) can let us know if they’ve been talking to another participant and want to stay in the same room (we’ll try our best!), or b) will be roomed with someone we have identified as the other half of a dream team based on factors like gender, age, diagnosis, etc.
  • Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and we’ve checked that it has hospitals. Plus, we always have a nurse on the facilitator team in case of emergencies.
  • If you have any other questions, Tracy has the answers, and her email address is [email protected].


Are we good? Are you ready to register? We’ve got that all ready for you, too. See you in May!

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