Following Dora’s lead

Following Dora’s lead

Dora the Explorer always knew she could dig into her backpack to get tools she needed to deal with a challenge. We’ve been following Dora’s lead.

We’ve got two challenges:

  1. Revenue is down
  2. Program needs are up.

Definitely a time to dig into our backpack.

In the YAC Prime Study, 47 per cent of young adults dealing with cancer experience significant symptoms of depression or anxiety while 73 per cent have mild to severe distress. On a “normal” day this is a load most of them carry alone. It’s unbearable then, and seemingly unsurmountable in times like these.

Right now, the days aren’t normal for any of us and YACC is pulling our most important tools from our backpack — our creativity, our drive, and our community of supporters like you.

Shaves for the Brave in schools, rinks, and offices are cancelled or postponed, so we are letting Solo Shavers lead. On April 25, 2020, our Solo Shave Squad will get the most powerful haircut of their lives. You WILL hear more on this.

Face-to-face programs are paused, yet the needs of our vulnerable population have jumped, so it’s time to take our web-based programs to a new level.

  • This week we launched YACC Live Chats to give young adults dealing with cancer a connection to peers who “get it,” and a chance to share their stories in a safe, facilitated space.
  • From May 22-24, we will host Survivor Conference virtually, giving young adults across Canada access to experts on challenges like managing anxiety, meditation, and the impact of physical activity, to name a few.
  • And coming soon, we will tap into experts consistently through weekly web presentations covering the issues they struggle with the most, from fear of recurrence to body image and relationships.

This is a stressful time for so many, and we hear daily updates about the elderly and vulnerable populations in our community. The YACCers we serve every day are one of those vulnerable populations, and more than ever, they need support.

Every cancer, every stage, YACC’s got their backs. It will take more than a global pandemic to change that.

Live life. Love life.




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