Good Morning

Good Morning

Welcome back and welcome to 1999! Hope everyone had a great holiday season, mine was the best in a long time, maybe ever. I am back on 4 North A, room 218. I started chemo 2 days ago and have not felt really well since, I feel like I’m brewing a cold and I am having tests to make sure it is nothing more serious. Either way I don’t really need to have a cold without an immune system, so I’m hoping I can get rid of it in a few days, as my immune system should be pretty well gone in the next several days.

My return to the hospital and my “initial chemo night sickness” were brutal reminders that I am still sick. Which is not something I didn’t know, but I feel like I forgot it for a little while as I was enjoying my XMAS. I felt close to normal, whatever normal is, and did pretty much everything I would have normally done at XMAS. However I have been reminded that I am still sick and have a ways to go before I step off the ice.

I will write later today with an update of my tests and highlight the day’s events.

Stay tuned,


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