Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Good morning or night! I am home again, after my short stay on 4 North A. I finished chemo yesterday at around 5:00, and have been resting comfortably in my suite at the Eaton Manner. It is safe to say that I feel better after the first period of game 2 than I did after the first of game 1. So far so good, I am back at the hospital tomorrow morning for blood as I will be most every day for the next 3 weeks. My blood levels should bottom out in the next few days, at which time they should start to build themselves back up again. First game took a total of 38 days to play, from first day of chemo until my counts officially came back, this game should be quicker but you can never really tell. Either way I am temporarily planning to head to Toronto for Bone Marrow Transplant research during the first weekend of February.

Thought: No real secret I have not been writing as much as I used to nor have I been writing with the same passion and thought processes I once was. Why this is I don’t really know, I have some theories but nothing really concrete. Perhaps I will begin to write deep and abstract messages again in the near future but for now I seem to be content just giving you the facts.

You will hear from me again,


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